The trip to Wells in Somerset from june 13th to june 18th (5B/5C)

Day 1

We all met at 4.30 pm on the school car park. Our coach driver, Frank, drove us to Ouistreham to take the boat. It was very difficult to sleep but some pupils slept well. We had breakfast on board. It was good but we were very tired ! We arrived in England at 7am, British time. Then our busy (...)

Day 2

Hello everybody, we are back !!! Our favourite day was the second. On that day, we woke up at 6.00 am and we had breakfast on board : hot chocolate, butter, jam, bread and chocolate bread.(Delicious !) We went to Salisbury and visited the market in the morning. We had lunch in Stonehenge in (...)

Day 3

On that day we visited the cathedral with Malcolm, our guide. Then we visited the city. We had lunch at Bishop’s Palace. In the afternoon, we did a quest in the rain ! Finally, we had a free time. Evan T. & Etienne.

Day 4

On day four, we woke up at 7, we had breakfast and we left home at 8. In the morning, we played rounders and we had a lesson about the history of the English language. Then, we had lunch and we played football. In the afternoon, we went to Glastonbury Abbey, it was very interesting. We were in (...)

Day 5

We met a druid in Glastonbury. He told us about the history of Great Britain. It lasted an hour and a half. Then we had lunch. Our packed lunches were made by the host families. In the afternoon we visited the Blue School in Wells. It is a big school ! Deni & (...)